Novia Nio
hi, my name is novia.
i live in indonesia.
i hope my blog can give you a new inspiration…


In this life,I’ve learned many things..
I tried to face all that things with may own way..
Sometimes I maybe regret what I’ve done..
Then I realize that it’s useless and I just try that I won’t make the same mistakes anymore..

All I know is I need HIM by my side to always protect me and keep me strong..
I believe HE’s the one who never leaves me alone however my condition..
HE’s always there whenever and wherever I need..

I keep HIS promise that HE’ll make e’thing beautiful on HIS time..^^,
That’s why..
I love HIM more than anything else in the world..!!


_GoD BLesS_

love yourself however you are..coz you are precious in God’s eyes..^^

17 years old

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