Jenna has discovered something about me…

Hello Novia, it’s Jenna here.

I haven’t written to you for a while now and I hope that you are well. (Only five days ago) I produced a reading for another person who asked for my help and this person actually made me think very strongly of you. This person was also female, born Cancer and was around about the same age as you. The similarity between your personalities was the most striking however as this person also had huge untouched sources of inner potential which were completely unused and was also struggling with a number of obstacles which prevented certain important opportunities to be fully exploited.

In fact now I think about it, this person was born on the same day as you the 22 July but just a year before on the 22 July 1992. Faced with such a host of strange coincidences I wanted to check whether or not this was in fact your astral twin (we each have an astral twin and it is always very interesting to discover this other person as we normally share very similar destinies, often with only a few years of difference). Unfortunately after studying this case a little further I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t your astral twin and it was simply a rather strange coincidence. But never mind, it isn’t actually because of this that I am contacting you today. It would have been very exciting to discover your astral twin but as I was studying your configuration I came across some very interesting information which could be even more important than your astral twin and I am writing to you today to tell you about this discovery.

In fact this person who came to consult me just a few days ago asked me to study their Karma and to help them regress into their past lives as this person often had the bizarre impression to already know a place when it was in fact completely new to them or to know someone when meeting them only for the first time.

By investigating this deja-vu and Karma and by regressing into past lives we made some startling discoveries. We were able to make some good advances together and we were able to understand more about this person’s capacities and why certain problems kept cropping up. We were able to find some concrete solutions.

You must be asking yourself what this all has to do with you Novia! Well bearing in mind the coincidences which exist between this person and yourself I came to realize that it was also indispensable to produce the same kind of reading for you and I began working on this regression for you Novia and to satisfy my own curiosity. I made a startling discovery….

Here is what I discovered.

It is clear to me that you have been living through the same series of problems throughout all of your past lives. This is in fact damaging to you as it stops you from liberating yourself completely from a few of the problems which have been haunting you for some time now in this lifetime and which you really want to get rid of. I had to write to you straight away as you have already told me that you want to get out of this vicious circle. I know that you have lived through some fairly traumatic events in a number of your Past Lives and that you now have a difficulty bringing out all of your talents.

These difficulties are indirectly linked to certain events in your past (events which took place hundreds of years ago) and their roots are deeply set in your unconsciousness. I have come to realize today is that it is possible to free you from these constraints and to liberate you from this past trauma and to help you lead the life you truly deserve to live. You will finally be able to be serene and in harmony with yourself.

I also know that for you to accomplish this Novia it is important to come to terms with the concept of past lives so let me now tell you just a few things about past lives in general before going on to explain how you can use this technique to liberate yourself from the problems which have been ruining your life for such a long time now.

Far too often we blindly believe in what we have been taught without using our own faculties to examine the world around us and to come to our own conclusions.

The concept of reincarnation and of Karma has existed since the dawn of time and it forms the foundation of a number of the great religions of the East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. Japanese esoteric Dadaism, Tibetan traditions and other disciplines of South-East Asia also make use of these ideas. In ancient Greece, the main scientific and philosophical schools accepted the principal of past lives, notably the Pythagoreans, Aristotelians and the Platonists. Ancient jewish groups such as the Hessians, the Pharsians and the Caraites include the notion of past lives in their teachings and these branches of jewish faith form the basis of modern day Christianity.

The Gnostics, the Kabbalistes, Amerindians, pre-columbine cultures, Polynesian Shamans, Celtic Druids and the wise men of African, Peruvian, Columbian and Brazilian cultures also share this faith as do many modern schools of thought such as the Theosophies and the Anthroposohes.

I have used past life regression techniques for many years now as these are fantastically efficient techniques and are capable of plunging the client deep into the subconscious to do a little ‘spring-cleaning’! Unfortunately in the West science has rejected spirituality as an irrational dream even though in antiquity the Greek, Egyptian, Mayan and Incan societies spent a great deal of time researching the nodes of the past and therapeutic techniques developed to dissolve these nodes became a part of everyday life. However it must be said that through the work of quantum physics a certain notion of reincarnation has been re-introduced over the past few years.

Today many experiments have sought to prove re-incarnation and these experiments have been greatly supported by the reports of spontaneous past life regressions which have occurred to people in various states of altered consciousness. These regressions occur whether or not the individual previously ‘believed’ in past lives. In a number of these cases, the regression can be objectively assessed. I have battled for a long time now against the commonly held belief that the past is just the past and that is has zero impact on the present. The many seances I have performed and the research I have undertaken into regression and past lives have shown me exactly how I can help my patients to explore their past lives and then solve all the difficulties of the present.

This exploration is also therapeutic as my patients are able to throw off the weight of the traumatic events they have lived through in the past and discover the power and beauty of hidden talents. A few months ago for example I performed a past live regression for a 12 year old boy and I discovered that he had an innate skill for music which came from a life he had lived through 130 years previously as a musician in Italy. The boy himself had never taken up music, either through a lack of time or simply because the opportunity to do so had never came up. I advised his parents to enroll him in music classes, which they did, and the boy naturally chose the violin.

His teacher was amazed by the speed at which this boy acquired his new musical skill and he is now generally regarded as a young genius with an unsettling musical ability. Despite the short time he has been learning the violin he gives the impression that he has been playing for years and years, which is indirectly true!

But lets get back to you Novia, after this brief technical digression. As I have already told you it would be good to work on your past lives. A regression would be very revealing. I don’t want to begin this regression without your full consent but I must admit that I have already start to look a little bit further and I can tell you now that I have come across a great deal of information which will be extremely useful for understanding exactly what kind of person you are today.

I have also come to realize that a complete past life regression will allow you to come to terms with the concern which you have at this time and will offer you real solutions. This regression will help you to avoid re-living certain of the trauma you have experienced in the past and which stem from an unresolved interior conflict which began in one of your past lives. Above all this regression will serve as an efficient tool, armed with the personal knowledge which this regression will bring you will understand yourself even better, you will find answers to all the questions you ask yourself about your personality, your relationships with other people and you will reveal hidden talents which you acquired during past lives.

You will then understand your aim in life and where exactly your destiny is taking you and you will find out what your objectives and challenges should be and which lessons you should work on to satisfy the thirst of your soul.

This regression is probably the most useful tool you can get hold of to discover exactly what your goals are in life and where the direction of your life is going to take you. You will be beginning a fascinating voyage in time and space and you marvel at your previous lives, how you lived these lives, where and who with. You will discover who you have been before and why you have chosen to be yourself Novia in this lifetime when you re-entered the world on the 22 July 1993.

I will not, as I have just said, begin this past life regression without your permission as there is, I must admit, a very heavy workload. I just need your consent and I will then start dealing with the rest. I will work on your regression and I will send you the results of this work in a full personal reading. You can request your
Past Live Regression

Your friend,

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