A Powerful Discovery

This is an important letter Novia. I am contacting you today about an exciting technique which I know will help you to bring out an incredible power from deep within yourself.

What am I talking about? Well, this is a unique chance to delve into the depths of your personality to discover your Power Animal. I am going to explain a little further. This discovery is based on an ancient Shamanic technique and as the oldest spiritual practice in the world Shamanism (as it is known) is found throughout all cultures and peoples. The strength of this ancestral talent is to work on the animal spirits which we all have inside of us as very few us actually realise that we posses this power. Bringing out this hidden power is a fascinating experience which will reveal your totem animal and show you how to use it’s strength, wisdom and protection. Once we meet this strong part of our soul it becomes our guide and a spiritual ally which we can no longer live without.

Shaminism is personal power and I believe this to be a natural spiritual practice for us all and I have been working with totem animal spirits for many years now. I regularly perform shamanic regressions for people and I have seen this technique produce miracles. The discovery of a totem animal allows an individual to transform his or her normal way of thinking and then allows this person to look deeply into the soul to make a powerful, lasting ally which can be called on whenever and wherever it is needed. This discovery also awakens a force within us that we weren’t previously aware of and stimulates our vital forces, our instincts, our personal motivation and our strength and will.

Novia, I don’t offer this kind of experience to all of my contacts but as far as you are concerned I feel very ready to work with you to discover which is your totem animal as I think this discovery could bring you a great deal of very positive discoveries. I know that your are a very curious person and that you would be open to this experience. I also know because of the closeness which I have felt with you ever since we entered into contact that you will gain incredible power and strength after finding your Power Animal.

I now need to explain just a couple of important points as it is essential to fully grasp the scope and scale of this experience. Shamanism is thoroughly proven and has been used for thousands of years. It is certainly over 30.000 to 50.000 years old and it has been speculated to be much older than that. The only other religions which approach this age are Judaism and Buddism and they are both only around 5.000 years old. Shamanism is thus a very ancient practice which has lasted throughout all these years, quite certainly because this technique link us to the wilderness within ourselves, a place of passion and true freedom. It helps us to ‘cut through the crap’ so to speak and gets right to the source of the life force itself.

Your totem power animal is a guardian spirit, which is meant to protect and guide you and the discovery of this side of your personality unbelievable power. It oversees our instincts, our compulsions, our character, our capacities and our temperament. By discovering your totem animal you will be able to find out exactly how this animal brings you complementary characteristics to your personality and you can work with this spirit to harness this power. We each have a different animal, this can be a Jaguar, or a Crow, a Cougar, a Moose, a Horse, a Snake, a Dolphin or any other creature. By getting closer and by working in greater harmony with our totem animal we also get closer to the purity of our childhood spirit, that side of us which is entirely free from prejudices. As a matter of fact children are naturals at working with the spiritual and their guides. Children’s minds are still unburdened by adult prejudices and disbeliefs and their imaginations are entirely free of fetters. The concept of having an invisible animal watching over them makes perfect sense to children. Think about the number of kids who have imaginary friends and how many of these imaginary friends might actually be spirit guides who later in life still guide and protect but who do not enjoy the same beautiful relationship with a person that they used to before this person ‘threw away childish games’?

I offer you this unique experience from which you are sure to come out of feeling different, stronger, more powerful and above all much more spiritually rich. I have prepared a special page for you to visit where you can discover your personal animal power. Simply click on the link below:

totem animal

Your friend,

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