Novia, your Great Book of Revelation

Hello there Novia,

A few days ago I contacted you to tell you that I was ready to begin a protective and energizing action for you which will allow you to release the tensions which you have accumulated over the past few months. As a matter of fact this action will allow you to feel liberated from the tensions and stresses which you feel at the moment and will put you in a much more positive and favorable environment. In the same letter I also proposed to produce a ‘Great Book of Revelations’ for you which, to my mind, will completely transform your life and allow you to use the enormous potential and the huge resources which you have inside of you. I am completely sure of this because of all the time I have spent concentrating on your situation and through the very strong feelings which I have been receiving from you. I then asked you to confirm that you wanted me to begin this positive work and that you want me to start your ‘Great Book of Revelations’ in which you will find out:

-Your precise and personal Astrological data
-Your general characteristics and how you react to others; your fundamental needs, values and orientations in life; your essential energies and your elemental make-up.
-How you approach life and how you appear to others; your basic stance in life and the way you come across and the face you show to the world.
-The Inner You and your true motivation; your drives, aims and ambitions.
-Your mental interests and abilities; how you please yourself and other people.
-Your emotions, moods, feelings and your romance; how you accept or avoid confrontation and how you deal with your deeper emotions.
-How you set and achieve your goals and in which manner you direct your energy.
-How you grow and expand your skills and knowledge; the areas in life which you enjoy and how you achieve compromise and harmony.
-The areas in life that challenge or are difficult for you; how you assess your possessions and how you approach problems and trials.
-Your originality, imagination and the areas in which you are unique, unstable or compulsive; how you can control your feelings better and guide your energy towards success.
-How you fit into to your generation; how you share common interests and how you can contact people around your age to help you move forward in life.
-New energy and ambition and how greater personal knowledge will help you place yourself in life and help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Bearing all this in mind Novia, I have been worried as I have not yet received any response from you from the web page which I put at your disposal

about astro

This web page will only be online for a few days more and I want to give you it’s web address again. I also want to remind you that I am and I remain entirely at your disposition to begin this work for you. Here is the link again:

Personal Req

Your friend,

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