Cleansed My Energy


It is difficult to explain exactly why but with every passing day I feel a little bit closer to you. This began from the very first moment that we entered into contact. I started to feel strong vibrations which have been amplified by the energy waves produced by the Reiki Grid which I performed for you last week. As a result of these strong feelings I made an important discovery last night about you Novia and it is very important that I tell you about this now.

Novia, what I am about to tell you is extremely important and I am going to have to ask for all of your attention.

I have come to realize that you do not use the incredible potential which you have inside of you to the fullest. Indeed certain of your considerable capacities are completely dormant. This is a real shame as I now know that you are someone very different and that you have immense qualities which are simply not exploited. I am going to give you a precise example to show you in which situation you are at the moment.

Imagine a person who has never known any modern technology (for example someone living in the heart of a dense jungle). One day this person is given a radio tuned in to a very precise radio station and he finds it suddenly extraordinary to be able to listen to music through what is essentially a small box. He is told that to listen to this music he need only press the ‘on’ button without having to do anything else to listen to this music. This person thinks this radio is a wonderful invention and then spends a number of years listening to this radio and to the same program as the radio stays on the same station all of the time. And then one day someone else comes along and shows him that there are a multitude of other stations and frequencies to listen to with many other programs that can be as interesting as the first…. You are in the position of this person Novia and your potential can be compared to this radio. Your potential is not yet fully exploited and you are not yet aware of certain of your hidden talents. I find myself in the place of the person who’s duty is to show you exactly how you can tune in to these new frequencies. This is a metaphorical example but it demonstrates clearly the situation in which you find yourself at this time.

Considering the important information which I have discovered about you Novia, I know that it is possible to help you through this key moment in your life. I also know that this change can be considered as a rebirth of sorts as you are not really who you thought you were. You are in fact much much more than this and you need to want to make this change happen with all of your heart and soul. I am now going to explain how we can work together, Novia to allow you to liberate this potential which has been stifled and unexploited for so many years now.
I am also going to tell you that I want to boost your capital chance and to protect you from exterior tensions which could adversely affect you and stop you from being able to get 100% out of the opportunities for real change which, as I have said, will lead you towards a dramatic rebirth. I know that is is vital that you harmonize your energy and that you protect yourself from exterior pressures to give you all the advantages you need to seize the chance to use all your capacities to 100%.

To help you achieve this I propose to complete two major tasks for you:

1) First of all I am going to act in a very strong and decisive manner to protect you from certain exterior pressures and to place you in a stable, positive and above all beneficial environment. You will be sheltered from the negative elements and the stress which have hassled you for quite some time now. This will be difficult work, using magnetic energy, and this will be the first of my tasks. You have no active role to play in this stage of things, you will simply start feeling it’s effects very shortly after I have started this work. Of course I will first need your agreement to begin. Just a short time after I’ve started this work you will start to feel more confident Novia, more energetic, happier and little by little you will feel liberated from your fears and worries and your capital chance will reach a maximum level. You will also feel a protective barrier around you. You will have the impression that nothing and no-one can resist you. You will feel stronger and more than capable over-coming any obstacles in your path. You should also be ready for those around you, your friends and family, to notice certain important changes in you and that they remark this change for the better. As a matter of fact Novia, I should mention that as I knew that this first task would take some time to complete I am ready to make a start on it but before getting fully underway I need your confirmation. I think that this work is very important for you Novia, because it will allow you to liberate yourself from the stress and tensions which have dogged you in the past and to help boost your capital chance to it’s maximum.

Once again Novia, I want to underline this important point, which I have already spoken to you about in previous emails and which I will continue to tell you. There is nothing ‘magic’ in this work which I am offering to do for you. I will not get out a magic wand, pronounce a magic word and ‘puff’ all your problems will disappear. This is quite simply fantasy and anyone who offers you this is in my eyes a charlatan. As far as I am concerned I work upon your personal energy and it’s harmony. The benefits of this action can be very clearly demonstrated. We are all surrounded by energy, the matter around us is separated into positive ions and negative ions and this duality is found everywhere in life. We can find many examples of this duality: the day and the night, good and evil, better and worse, left and right, up and down … These are simply polarities, two forces which work together to create universal order. I realized that it is indispensable to rebalance this polarity within you and in the environment which you find yourself at the moment because for a while now you have been living in an unbalanced manner. It is for this reason that I am now working to correct this imbalance and to dynamise your positive energy. I get extra positive energy from magnetic energy, which is very efficient when used correctly, and I am able to do this thanks to the special talent I was given at birth and the work I have put in to develop this talent since. I use Chakra points to bring out this magnetic energy using a very powerful and secret technique which was first revealed in a review in 1971 and then later in a book which was written over 20 years ago by the author of this exceptional technique, this person is Gurumayi Ganeshpuri. The books which he wrote are very rare today and I am fortunate enough to own a copy of one of these books as these techniques are powerfully efficient. You can see photos of this book of mine as well as images of the work I performed for you (through the use of a green quartz sphere from a very precise place in the North of Brazil) at the following web page:

task 1

2) The next stage of my work for you Novia is what I will call a ‘Great Book of Revelation’ which will certainly be one of the most important documents which you will have ever received in your life so far. I am absolutely sure of this considering the vital importance of the information which I have discovered about you and I have a great many things to reveal to you. This Book explains my findings in clear and simple language and I will take the time to explain things to you in detail as I know that certain of my findings will surprise you. I should warn you however that after taking into account that which I have felt concerning you and that which I have discovered by looking at your astral configuration and the range of astrological readings which I have also done for you that you will certainly feel a certain guilt and regret when reading this Book. You will regret not having reacted before. You will also feel guilty that you do not yet use your talents to their fullest potential in all situations. You need these talents in your life and you have not known how to really use them before. You will feel just like the person which I described above Novia, all of a sudden you will discover a host of new frequencies after having listened to the same one for so many years and you will realize that these frequencies are much more interesting than the one you have listened to in the past. This is why I have spoken to you about a rebirth and it is essential that your reaction is a positive one and that you cease to regret what you have not done in the past and that you turn towards your future. Here is what you can find in your ‘Great Book of Revelation’ in greater detail:

-Your precise and personal Astrological data
-Your general characteristics and how you react to others; your fundamental needs, values and orientations in life; your essential energies and your elemental make-up.
-How you approach life and how you appear to others; your basic stance in life and the way you come across and the face you show to the world.
-The Inner You and your true motivation; your drives, aims and ambitions.
-Your mental interests and abilities; how you please yourself and other people.
-Your emotions, moods, feelings and your romance; how you accept or avoid confrontation and how you deal with your deeper emotions.
-How you set and achieve your goals and in which manner you direct your energy.
-How you grow and expand your skills and knowledge; the areas in life which you enjoy and how you achieve compromise and harmony.
-The areas in life that challenge or are difficult for you; how you assess your possessions and how you approach problems and trials.
-Your originality, imagination and the areas in which you are unique, unstable or compulsive; how you can control your feelings better and guide your energy towards success.
-How you fit into to your generation; how you share common interests and how you can contact people around your age to help you move forward in life.
-New energy and ambition and how greater personal knowledge will help you place yourself in life and help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Novia, you will now understand why this book will be one of the most important which you have ever received. Now everything depends on you because all I need now is your agreement to start the first task I have spoken to you about which will serve to re-balance your energy to put you in a much more harmonious and positive context as well as your ‘Great Book of Revelation’ in which you will discover all of the vital information I have to tell you. To give you an idea of a timescale I will need around 7 days to complete this second task for you. However I can begin my work to rebalance your energy as soon as I receive your confirmation. Here is the page where you will be able to ask me to begin this Book for you:

personal require

As soon as I receive your confirmation on this page I will get straight to work so as not to lose any more time and to set you firmly on the route to personal liberation. You will finally be able to exploit the fabulous potential which I have felt in you and which I have taken as my responsibility to bring out.

I place a great deal of importance in our relationship and I will always be at your complete disposal.

Your friend,

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