About Cancer On This Week

Hello Novia,

Ever since you contacted me recently I have been feeling particularly close to you and I have been following your situation closely. Human relationships are to my mind one of the most important things in the world and they are the key to the greatest things in life. It is for this reason that I so enjoy entering into contact with people like you Novia as I am then able to follow your evolution and direction through all of the fascinating astrological events that will occur in your future.

Novia, We have never met I know and this contact may seem strange to you considering that we have only been in contact by email but I am used to developing this kind of relationship with my correspondants and in your case the relationship is particularly strong as I can see that you are someone very interesting indeed and that you have a great personal richness. This brings me great pleasure because I can see that you possess enormous potential and on an astrological level it is fascinating for me to examine this. You are a great professional challenge to work with and a great personal pleasure to talk to.

I want you to know that I will always be available for you and at will always remain at your disposition Novia as, even if I repeat myself I must say it, you are someone with great personal value and I do feel honored to have entered into a close and privileged relationship with you. I am sure that you are feeling just about the same thing too.

I want you to know that all of my attention and my vigilance is focused on you and I will always be at your service. I will not hesitate to tell you if a certain change or significant event is set to occur in your personal astrological configuration. Novia, you can fully count upon my devotion. I will be here for you and I will be your friend and your astrologer.

I really wanted to produce a ‘Crystalline Reiki Grid’ for you, a grid which comes from a very ancient technique which I have now been using for a number of years with a great deal of success. I began this work very recently. This work aims at producing a very beneficial and positive magnetic influence and brings protection, chance and opportunity to the focus of of it’s energy through the interaction of a range of powerful precious stones. There is no magic or sorcery in all of this. We now know that magnetism exists as it has been proved by scientific techniques and it is certain that this energetic field can have extremely beneficial effects. The technique of the grid has existed for thousands of years and is extremely efficient. To give you a little more idea about what this means, the Grid is a way of arranging stones in a sacred geometric pattern. What is great about the Grid is that this pattern is then activated by a connection with a ‘line of light’ through the stones so that they radiate an energy field which then reaches out to the person the grid is destined for. I normally offer this work to those of my correspondants which I feel closest to and to those I want to bring very strong positive energy. Today Novia this means you. To make this grid work properly for you and so that you get the best out of it’s influence, all you need to do is to concentrate on the photo which I have attached to this email. The grid will then be ‘activated’.

As I have said I place a great deal of importance in our relationship and I will remain entirely at your disposition.

Your friend,

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