Like Crazy Girl


you are now
in front of my eyes …

but my heart


I think
I’m going crazy now….


This is like a dream on my daydream,

See with you like a stranger

Meet with you like a friend

Chat with you like as your young sister

Hang Out with you like a best friend

Lunch and dinner with you like a couple

We did everything like a partner

But now…
Cause of my big mistake…


Our story has changed…


Never meet, never talk each other

Never do everything together

anymore like our pass….

(–˛ — º)

I miss all of my memory with you


I hope, (˘ʃƪ˘)

You will get a puzzle of your heart as soon as God wants….

Just like that I do for you… So, you can forget me as easy as you say “Okay”


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