I felt a deep pain on my left chest.

It was the inside but I can’t tell exactly where.

I’ve never felt this kind of pain before,

but it felt so painful.

There’s no wound on the outside part of the skin,

there never is.

But it was the feeling that hurts so it went up to the chest

and it kinda makes me feel awful for the whole night.

I wonder what had come to me this whole day,

and by the night started to rise

I think deep to what I have done to my self lately.


I found out that

I’ve been playing around with the heart,

spoiling the heart to the very last drop.

And when it comes to reality,

I felt that terrible pain.

The pain of losing the moment.

The moment of excitement,

where I used to follow the heart freely.



it is blocked by an unseen wall,

called logical thought.



Logical thoughts offer me some pretty good bargain and for now,

I’m buying it for real.



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