English Translation:

Like a fool, like a child, I tear up as I stand behind your back
How have you been? I can’t even ask you that because my throat keeps closing

I miss you, I miss you so much
I can’t even say your name that I shouted out without rest,
I can’t even talk to myself in front of you
I don’t dare to make a sound

You can’t look back, you can’t ever forgive me
Don’t waste your heart on me, because I only make you cry
Because I only give you pain

I’m stuck in the time and place where I was young and foolish
From my eyes in the mirror, your tears flow out

Do as I say – I’ll remain as a memory for you
Just remember me once in your life by chance

You can’t love me, let’s not place any lingering attachments toward each other
I cowardly deceive myself when all I want to say is one thing, “I love you”

Can’t we go back? Can’t we go back again?
Just once, just once, please


Babocheoreom nan aicheoreom tto ulmeogimyeo geudae deung dwie seo itjyo
Jal jinaenni geu hanmadijocha motaeyo jakku mogi meeoseo

Bogosipeo neomu geuriwo
Nan swilsaeeobsi oechyeotdeon geudae ireumdo
Geudae apeseon honjatmallodo nan gamhi sorinaelsuga eobseoyo

Dorabomyeon andwaeyo nareul jeoldae yongseohamyeon andwaeyo nareul
Naege maeumsseuji marayo geudaereul ulge haneun il bakke
Apeun geot bakke nan mot junikka

Eoryeosseotgo eoriseogeotdeon jinan sigane geu jarie meomchwoitjyo
Geoul ape seon nae du nunsogeseo geudaeui nunmuri heulleoyo

Nae maldaero haejwoyo geudael wihae chueogeuroman nama
Eojjeoda hanbeon pyeongsaengerado hanbeon gieokhamyeon doejyo

Saranghamyeon andwaeyo uri seoro miryeonduji marayo uri
Nan bigeophage nal sogyeoyo hagosipeun mal dan hanmadiinde ‘saranghae’

Doragal sun eomnayo uri dasin dorikil su eomnayo uri
Dan hanbeonman ttak hanbeonman jebar


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