Falling Tears

You’re breathing, you’re living in my heart
My heart is crying, you’re walking in my heart
From the day you were beside me, you’re always in my thoughts, calling me

Cold tears keep shedding, falling non-stop
My heart hurts because of you and it keeps hurting
On days that I miss you, days like these, because I’m missing you
My tears are falling again

I’m choking on the words, even swallowing it, the words “I love you”
Launching into the wind, flying far far away, I’m missing those words you said
The words that couldn’t be communicated to you, becomes a long sigh and flows through my heart

The you that’s always been appearing right in front of me, is filling my heart, overflowing it
Becomes tears of heartache, yearning tears, you keep living in my heart like that

Cold tears keep shedding, falling non-stop,
Because I love you, because these tears are tears of love
Even if you were by my side and couldn’t say those words, I really love you


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