wait, that is what I always do

Waiting for something that is very annoying to me
I now have to be patient and then be patient
look forward to welcoming you
knows how long I should wait
something very difficult for I lead
live in solitude lonely without you
sometimes I think your looking for a replacement
when you’re away there

Restless moment you been gone I suspect
I’ll either wait in vain
and give a definite answer
knows how long I should survive
when you’re away there’s jealousy
seep into my thoughts
aimlessly about you
if you feel the same

though our bodies are far apart
but our hearts are always close
close your eyes if you miss
and I feel
the power of love we’ll never brittle
deleted space and time
This loyalty would sincerely trust

delete own thoughts float fly
feeling restless restless
fact of life lived without passion

much every mission and ambition
enough to end it all here
and prove your love for me sacrifice
I beg you back


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