WE HAVE Heritage

Ephesians 3:8

One day a housemaid who had been working on his master in the call by the master who is very ill. His master says, if he died duania, then there is a letter left for him. Some time later his master died. Then he opened the letter. It turns out he was in order to visit a bank and met with the director of the bank. He came, and the director said that her master left a legacy of one hundred million rupiah. The maid was just amazed, and said that he only needs one million just for the cost of home repairs. Director of the bank’s surprise. Finally gave an money for the asking. It is expected that one day will come for the rest. But apparently the housekeeper did not return to pick it up.

This is only a picture of many believers who do not understand the legacy of the wealth which they are entitled, given by the Father. Not inherited in the form of wealth the world, but the right to preach the riches of Christ the unexpected and invaluable to the many people who have not believed. Unfortunately, this right is used only a small fraction. For too busy with involvement in life in the world. No emphasis will be the final destination in eternity. Many are not even a twist of Christ that is open. Therefore, many people still do not know the riches of Christ. Because do not see the glory of God present in His children.

Let us become more aware to be able to use that wealth inheritance rights. Maximally USE WHILE THERE IS STILL OPPORTUNITY. CAUSE TIME IS VERY NEAR.


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