Proverbs 20: 14 “No good! Not good! “, Said the buyer. But once he left, he praises himself.

A buyer is involved haggling with a merchant. The merchant submitted a high price to promote good quality goods, and the buyer offered a low price, also threw his opinions that are less good on the goods.
I only just watched the episode. Items to be purchased is not bad, and the buyer is actually very interested. But by wanting to get a cheaper price, diucapkanlah the words that dropped the assessment of quality goods. Finally, traders were handed to the buyer’s desired price. Traders got a little lucky, the origin of goods sold. This event is often the case, and I often watch. Having gone from the store, shoppers satisfied laugh, and he told his friend, “Great, I can bid as low as possible. Though this is good quality stuff .., but earlier if we admit that the stuff that’s good, then we can not cheap. ”

At first glance this seems common things that happen. And everyone agreed / agreed, and even has become a habit carried. When someone sells something, he expects a profit. When people buy anything he wants good quality. As a seller, should we sell goods with good quality and suitable price. Taking profits too excessive and not in accordance with the quality of the goods will harm others. Similarly, as a buyer, if indeed we feel the price with quality goods that fit, why should lying to drop kalitasnya? As if the goods are not worth selling, but we know that its quality is very good. Let us each say as truth, so that no one who felt aggrieved. A buyer and a merchant, indeed bless each other. Why until there is a transaction? Because there is a mutual need. Which one needs the goods, which one needs income to the family. If we as children of God, realizing that we are each a blessing, why do not we be honest?

With honest, then we can bless those around us, brother .. this seems trivial .. but gives a tremendous impact, regardless of our position, whether as buyer or merchant, in the event of a transaction, it means we both are engaging each other to bless. So should give a reasonable price. PRICE WILL NOT BE SUITABLE MERUGAN OTHERS.
(Sola Gratia)


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