Small Dog Acts

A tiny puppy was walking on the farm owner. When he approached the stable, he heard a large animal’s call. Horse said: “You’d still new here, sooner or later you will know if the owner of this field loves me more than any other animal, because I can haul lots of stuff for him, I think of animals as small as you will not value at all for him”, he said sarcastically.

The little dog lowered his head and go, and then he heard a cow in the barn next door said: “I am a most esteemed animals here because the lady in here to make cheese and butter from my milk. You’re certainly not good for families here,” with mocking tone.

Shouted a sheep: “Hey cow, kedudukanmu not taller than me, I gave the fur coat to the owner of this farm. I give warmth to the entire family. But what you’re talking about the little dog, you are rich indeed. He was not any good at here. ”

One by one the animals there to participate in the conversation, he told me how high their position in the field. Chicken was saying how he has provided the eggs, cats pride how he had been rid of the rats from the field rodents. All the animals agreed that the little dog that is being useless and unable to contribute anything to the family.

Battered by criticism of other animals, the little dog went to a quiet place and began to cry regretting his fate, sadly it was already an orphan, is considered useless, was removed from the interaction of more …..

There’s an old dog is there to hear the crying, and listening to the laments that little dog. “I can not provide services to families here, I was the animal that most are not useful here.”

The old dog said: “It is true that you are too small to draw carts, you can not give eggs, milk or wool, but very foolish if you cry for something you can not do. You must use the abilities granted by the Creator to bring joy. ”

That night when the owner of the field just got home and looked extremely tired from a long trip in the sweltering sun, the little dog ran up to him, licked his feet and jumped into his arms. As he dropped to the ground, the owner of the farm and the little dog rolling on the grass with laughter.

Finally the owner of land, just hugged him tight and stroked his head, and said: “Although I come home tired, but it was all so gone, when you greet me semesra this, you are truly the most precious among all the animals in this field , tiny little you have to understand it means you ………”

Do not be sad because you can not do things like other people because they do not have the ability to do so, but what can you do, do it with the best ….. And do not be arrogant if you feel a lot to do certain things to other people, because people who are proud will be humbled and the humble will be exalted.


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