“Respect your parents.”

“Then the lord said to the servants: Bring him here to me, so my eyes looked at him. But we replied to my lord: The boy can not leave her father, because if he left his father, this father would die.” Genesis 44:21 – 22.
Genesis 44:18-34, Ephesians 6:4.

We certainly remember the words of the LORD delivered unto Moses: Honour thy father and thy mother, that advanced old are on the ground which the LORD thy God
thee. “Exodus 20:12.
The Bible records that honoring parents is important, and should be done by any child who still have parents. Because in this modern era of the all found the tendency of the loss of respect for a child to his parents. Because they feel more capable, sometimes respect for their parents to be reduced. Sometimes because of a busy business and jobs that can not be left behind, the relationship between parent and child is lost. On the other hand the flow of technology sometimes makes the child began to not respect their parents. Children feel more intelligent, more understanding and more rich. Many families are broken, and broken because the child no longer respect their parents or vice versa parents ignore his affection to the child.
But to every Christian, God is willing that we should honor our parents. Honour thy father and thy mother, watch and let it be known your affection to him. And vice versa parents love their children as the word of the LORD say: “And ye, fathers, do not stir anger in the hearts of your children, but educate them in the teachings and advice of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4.
Family Joseph is a figure that could be used as an example, paragraph 20 of Article 44 events Judah said: “And we answer my lord, we still have an old father and still have a young son, who was born in old age, his brother is dead, only he himself who live from their mother, because his father loves him. ” It is very visible here that Jacob as a parent loves his children prior to Benjamin, on the other hand also loves His father Benjamin, because he did not leave her father alone lest he die of abandoned children. My brother after all the conditions of our parents, respect it as they should be as instructed by GOD. And always bring each of us pray prayers for his health and safety. For our parents who do not repent we must pray together and ask her to church ……. Amen.


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