“OBSERVE clothes.”

‘Behold, I come as a thief, Blessed is he that wachetd, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his same ” (Revelation 16:15.) reading: Revelation 16:15-21; Jonah 2:7.

This is a clear illustration of an officer called to be an overseer, in the temple of GOD. It is his duty to get around all night, and when caught sleeping by Levites, the Levites have authority to beat her with sticks and set fire to his clothes (according to Jewish books: Middoth, fol.34, 1, and Tamid. Fol.27, 2: 28.1) Guardians serve targeted homes would go home naked. It is a shame this will show the lack to not faithful.
That’s the message to deliver to us through the reading of verses today. By taking an explanation of our Jewish book holds the key to realize that loyalty is important in our walk with the Lord JESUS CHRIST.
Many times the Bible says that the coming of Jesus is like a thief, that is, not expected and presumed. There are some Christian heretics who tried to count the days and dates of arrival of the Lord, but that all would be futile. And surely a wise precaution as the fifth damsel with oil guard Matthew 25:1-13.
And the Lord also said they are happy are those who do not pay attention to her clothes and bare. The man who was on duty and doing his old command will praise the Lord, because he should not be stripped of his negligence.
As long as we exist on this earth means that we must work hard for our GOD. Do not think of retiring, because at later time GOD will give reward to those who are faithful. Sometimes we are tired, tired, and discouraged, but fire HOLY SPIRIT able to burn us again.
Jonah inside the belly of fish delivered his prayer, “when my soul fainted within me I remembered the LORD : and my prayer came in unto thee, unto thine holy temple. ( Jonah 2:7 ). Jonah knew that only GOD who can afford to give him relief. Only GOD is able to satisfy the thirst of his soul. So if you’re tired and weary, came to the Lord and pray.

LORD JESUS bless you and your family …… Amen.


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