No kidding

The reading from Hosea 10:1-14

When we enroll a child at a particular school, we’ve had to sign a letter of agreement which contains, that we and our children will comply with all applicable regulations such as. So not just go in and be a student. Children must also be ready to accept all types of education and rules of the school. And as parents we also need support.

Schools have rules and ordinances of God are valid and must be obeyed. When we commit to leave the old life and want to follow the Lord. We have signed an agreement with God. agreements that must be obeyed. All the teaching we should follow and lead. Not just because we say we know God. but we are obliged to obey and execute the orders and decrees of God. This is not about who can we make games. Leaving aside the role of God, acts offhand in our lives, is a violation. There will be consequences from the authorities of God (verse 13) Back on the circumstances such as when the Israelites in Egypt. Pressure, oppression. So COMMITMENT COMMITMENT follow the Lord is not just kidding. MUST BE SERIOUS. Ready RECEIVE WHAT IS BECOMING ALL HIS assessment.



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