Love shall cover VIOLATION

Proverbs 10: 12 ………… Love shall cover the violation.

Did you mean to lie, to cover up or conceal an infringement? That’s not what is meant. Let’s look at a story.
A child came home from school with glum faces. When asked, he told me with fear, that time in the lab he accidentally broke a glass measure, and should replace it. This kid was so scared her mother would be angry, just like her daddy when I hear this. But without the suspect, his mother even hugged him and said softly, “It’s OK son, do not panic, tomorrow we’ll change. But the next time you should be more careful again, because in the laboratory that many things are dangerous if you’re careless. ”
This child heart becomes calm. Love and hug his mother made him calm. My friend, you cover up violations does not mean covered with lies. But cover it with feelings of love and solutions to solve the problem. Children are thus exposed to sanction violations of the school. Love this mother did not make the child avoid responsibility sanctions, but the love of his mother made him understand that he must be responsible, and not repeat the same mistakes. Because of love, a heart can be at ease. Because of a love is not a quarrel. God also loves us, with His love we can complete the responsibilities and consequences of violations, with a heart full of consciousness and will not repeat again. How many violations that we do without deliberately before God? God loves us, come to HIS and admit, then with His love, He has a way to make us understand and will not repeat it again.


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