” He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.) ” (John 7:38-39)

My brother, on the above verses are the words: whoever believe in Jesus, then in his heart shall flow streams of living water is the Holy Spirit, while the Holy Spirit when it has not come because Jesus has not been honored? Jesus in the glorified after going through the process of crucifixion, buried and then on the third day he was in stir. After His resurrection, He reveals himself to his disciples for 40 days, then He ascended into heaven to be glorified. And 10 days after He ascended into heaven, then what is promised in the Holy Spirit as a helper. So since then, for every person who claims Jesus as savior, repent and baptized, the Holy Spirit is in person. And if we want to streams of living water (Holy Spirit) in our lives, then we must flow with the Holy Spirit, in the sense that our lives should be led by the Holy Spirit because we are of GOD (Romans 8:14).
Brother, to be able to keep it flowing with the Holy Spirit is not easy, since most humans tend to use his free will to indulge the flesh. But this time we will learn through one of the Bible, namely: Abraham. When Abraham’s calling in the Lord to get out of the family, she does not know what to go anywhere. But he relies entirely on the guidance of the Lord. Where each arriving in a town he stopped and set up altar of sacrifice to the Lord that the Lord is pleased for him. and Abraham also feel how the Lord comes in his life (that of Abraham to follow the flow of the Lord). And the end of the life of Abraham became the Father of the nations that he even referred to as the Father of men to the priesthood.
In the case of full flow with the Holy Spirit can not be directly, but through several stages, as written in Yehezkhiel 47:3-5 (read).
Where this section explains how the flow of these rivers flow; at first was only until the ankle, but at a certain time the flow was more climbing to the knees, then rose again up to his waist and in the end flow are higher than us, so could and carry away the flow of people wherever it flows. Thus our lives who want to lead by the Holy Spirit fully. Then, what is the impact when we have started to drift in the flow of the Holy Spirit? we will see a remarkable change, because in Yehezhiel 47:7-12 (read) in explaining that it could alter the flow of salt water into fresh, and wherever the river flows, all living things that swarm there will be live. The fish will become very much and about the flow of the river grew a variety of fruit trees, whose leaves do not wither and the fruit is not inexhaustible, and even more fruit in each month there are new. In addition to fruit into food, its leaves can be a drug. This relates to our lives that is when the power of the Holy Spirit works in our lives, and all things which may not be possible. As long as we continue to follow where the Holy Spirit lead us, And never grieve the Holy Spirit, fight and even blasphemous. Because if we blaspheme the Holy Spirit until then we live in vain, because there is no forgiveness in his life (see Mark 3:29)
Dear friends, if our spirituality is currently still at the level of “ankle”, we must never stop. But let us more in earnest to follow the Lord and always had the passion to lead by the Holy Spirit, because then we will see a future filled with hope. And when these moments we experience circumstances in the world is getting worse, so let us not be afraid because the Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our lives. He would not let us stray, but the Lord provides protection for us until the denouement of the universe …… Amen.

JESUS LORD bless you and family …. Amen.


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