Ecclesiastes 6: 2

Word of the Lord this day reminds us how important ENJOY THE GIFTS OF GOD. This gift not only to talk to the property only. Today we want to see from another perspective. I want to testify how little I can enjoy what is on me even though only a little. Not wealth, I do not want to discuss it because it is common people looked at all the blessings of God only from the property.
ENJOY GIFTS is a blessing that you can not find anywhere. I am a person who is very active in my practice every day, so sometimes I feel when I have 24 hours a day feels less. Not only time of day that I feel a little, but my health condition did not allow me to do all my activities. May only be a quarter of normal people. As an active person this is very disturbing to me. In the past I really can not enjoy the times that I have, if all went in vain as the smoke alone. Not significant. When God gives blessing ENJOY GIFTS, I now can enjoy the time available to me though only slightly, but all very meaningful. Similarly, in terms of my serving the Lord. A very limited space I can enjoy with a sense of satisfaction from the Lord. Complacency can enjoy what is in us is different with satisfaction the given world.

So what’s all that we have if God did not give thanks to the form of Gift ENJOY. You and I will never satisfied, so that continually complain LACK. If your time is so neglected by God so that we enjoy, what else in other things. Do not feel proud of yourself with the advantages we have, we will not be able to enjoy it with satisfaction the Divine to the end of our life, if not GOD WE favor to enjoy it. Involve God in everything and ask for that gift, even though we have but little satisfaction will enjoy abundant. If you do not have that gift, even though there are abundant for us, but our souls do not feel pleasure and satisfaction, all feel empty and futile. For everything under the sun this is useless without the GIFTS FROM GOD.

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