HOW BIG debt

Readings Matthew 18:21-35

But because he had not to pay off his debts, his lord commanded that he sold to his sons and his wife and all his property to paying debts. (Galatians 3:3)

In Matthew 18:21-35 the Lord Jesus gave the parable of the servant of the king who owed 10 000 talents to the king. One talent roughly equivalent to the wages of workers over 20 years. The amount is very difficult to be repaid by those who owe. This is just a warning to us all, so always be aware that the debt of our sin is greater than the number of such / is priceless. And no one can pay it off. JESUS IS GOD IN THE WOODS CROSS debts. Only SHE who has wealth of unexpected that can do that settlement, this is the true meaning of the gospel. Without the belief that we are sinners, then we will not be serious in the life of Christianity. Nothing is without sin, all sinners all need to repent every day. ALL MUST SACRIFICE WILL ALWAYS MINDFUL OF LORD JESUS VERY invaluable.


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