The reading from Matthew 19 :16-26

The story of young people who grieve after meeting Jesus. Usually people would rejoice if it has met with Jesus. But in this story, after he met Jesus even sad. Why? There are things he can not fulfill. He had sold all his property and distribute to the poor. There is a sense of regret when I had to let go of enjoyment of life and follow Jesus. The property is just one example.

My friend, we also sometimes do not realize .. We feel that all we have done, we have obeyed all the rules given. But one thing we can not do, let go of our attachment and affection ON SOMETHING that makes us unconsciously put the Lord Jesus at the second position. Today we are reminded again to fix themselves. Following Jesus means letting go of attachment to it that makes our hearts away from God. What makes us do everything for God only as a mere religious activity, without any close intimate relationship with Jesus. Jesus is a person who wants to hold a very intimate relationship with us.
Have a joy when we come to the HIS. By following all his commandments, walking in all the rules, PUTTING HIM AGAIN PRIOR TO BE THE MAIN IN OUR HEARTS. DO UNTIL WE MEET JESUS AFTER sad. Amen.


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