“For the Lord nothing is impossible”

“So Sarah laughed to herself, she said:” It would be sexual desire me, after I had withered away, while my lord is old. “(Genesis 18:12.) … Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also? (KJV Genesis 18:12 )
Reading: Genesis 18:1-15, Mark 9:23.

Actually, the Lord spoke to Abraham about the promise of a child, but Sara “eavesdrop / listen without some know.” From the tent door behind him. Sara really could not resist the amusement when GOD would give him children. How could he already manopause old and her husband also would be able to give to her offspring? . Is this a joke or joke section? So Sarah laughed to himself.
Have you ever laughed like Sara when GOD promise anything to you? Admit it if you often laugh, consciously or not!.
When GOD lift us into His children, then we should be aware that we live under the law of GOD. World law says that Sara is old and not likely to have descendants of Sara, but GOD law states otherwise. Or if you look at the case of Jesus walking on water, legally speaking world was impossible, because JESUS body mass can not be arrested by the style press and above water. But again, Jesus not under the law of the world. He passes all the legal world and he walked on water.
And what about your situation now? You like Sara who are not likely to get descent? Or you are in the middle of the ocean that there can be no help to get to the edge? Do not stay in the legal world. GOD gave His law so that you get used to living in it. Everything is possible for GOD, and for believers. Origin agrees promise you the Lord, then what GOD promised it will be fulfilled. Luke said, “Because of GOD nothing is impossible.” (Luke 1:37) … For with God nothing shall be impossible. ( KJV Luke 1:37 ). But on another occasion Jesus said, “….. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. ” (Mark 9:23) .. Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
( KJV Mark 9:23 ) . Not only GOD who said ‘nothing is impossible’, but also a believer.
If you are experiencing a similar situation with Sara and Abraham, GOD promised miracles. Remember that miracles do not come when you falter. Miracles come if you believe …… Amen

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