The reading from Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 94:11

In this life we knew two of the draft design of the man himself and God’s plan. Let us consider the difference of the two designs are:
The design of man;
Usually people only focused on designing a personal interest saja.Semua intended to satisfy. For example: When we still our primary school daydream junior eager to design what will we do when we later junior high, and it certainly things that are nice to us. The various plans that we consider our powerful will do. But when that time we already live, then all the things we plan / design was not all done. So forth until the level lecture and work bench. When will enter married life, imagine all the beautiful designs in accordance with our wishes, but when all that we’ve had the opposite in fact many of our design. More disappointing than satisfying. Not that we should not design something for ourselves. It all must have a planning / design as a target. But we must put GOD in all our designs. Why? Because GOD knows better will our future, will know better the best for us. Because the design of GOD is heavenly design.

Often seen disappointing, but actually for the purpose into the future. Based on my personal experience. In the past I was very disappointed when my childhood was not the same as my childhood peers. I do not have enough playing time by having to assume various responsibilities in the family. It occurred to me that time to occasionally remove that responsibility in order to satisfy my plan and my flesh. Want to satisfy themselves to play with friends over a specified time as he had always done my sister. But I can not do it. Finally I can only obey without understanding.
Apparently all is God preparing for my future. HE designing me, formed me into a responsible person and not easily vulnerable by the situation, because I am obedient to the design of God in me. That’s just one example. Look in our lives, God’s plan for our future not design an accident, although we often feel like not fair to our lives today. Many things that are inconsistent with human design. But the results are all not disappoint.

This is the real difference. What we all department has designed beautiful and to our satisfaction only, but not necessarily end up pleasing / satisfactory as we expected. But God’s plan, initially as inappropriate when towards the end of the beautiful. Therefore, every design we must always give priority to DISCRETION AND DESIGN OF GOD. AS COMPLEMENTARY AND WHAT WE enhancer has designed. CAUSE GOD KNOWS MORE TO GIVE THE BEST FOR OUR FUTURE.


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