1 Corinthians 16:9

Too easy for someone to keep silence and say, I did not have time, I do not have the time, ah .. too many obstacles, etc.. But it was too difficult for a person sees an opportunity or chance does a great job.
The Apostle Paul was not a living lounge inattentive, so busy he is. As if he did not have time to take care of themselves. He was always concerned with and take care of many congregations. But in the midst of busy life he was always able to utilize his time to see the opportunity and do great work for Jesus Christ. Not for his interests. But for the sake of the people so that the name of Jesus glorified. He did it for the Lord Jesus.

Where you are today? Is located on the company ‘that so many time-consuming, so the focus is only focused on the job. Or at home as housewives who feel very busy with routine tasks? Or busy visit to several places, either another state or city, which confiscated all our focus. Etc.. Amid the bustle of that, sebebenarnya there is an opportunity for us to do great things for Jesus Christ. Let us learn to utilize the time that is where we are to do great things for Jesus Christ. Have sensitivity to her to be able to see that opportunity.
It is not easy, because many obstacles that will make us back down or delay. Do not withdraw or suspend .. face the challenge. Precisely in the presence of obstacles or opposition, and we can go through, we will be able to show us that Jesus is greater than all the challenges and obstacles of any kind. We become a blessing wherever we are. Every opportunity. Not thanks to the material, but from what we are doing in the name of Jesus, many will recognize the greatness and awesomeness of the Lord Jesus. Reflected in our children’s HIS.

A blessing with what we do, will have greater impact and to reach wider into various directions. Do not be surprised if there should be a hindrance, because the devil does not like it if we do things for His glory in the midst of our busyness.
Blessed are those who can see the opportunity to do great things for Jesus in the midst of busy life.


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