The reading from Luke 15:11-32

The Story of the youngest was missing, all already know. All of the focus fell on the youngest. On his father, but rarely focus on the eldest child. It was as the eldest child just missed, because the eldest is close to his father and seemed to act as a sweet child.

Actually there are two types of people lost here. The youngest is a human type that is already know God, but the path of life aside because of emphasis on the ego and the pleasures of the world.
The second type is the eldest. Living close to his father, but he actually lost the same as the youngest. This type of person who really close to God, but unfortunately can not enjoy what the Father gave, what the Father provided. christian mediocre. It can not be very intimate relationship with the Father. Only a mere religious activity.

Notice the two. We should be able to become a “child” of God who can establish good relationship with God. Not only do we do a conversion, like the youngest, but note the way we interact with the Father. Do not let us become a lost child, the only purely religious activities. Relationship with the Father must be accompanied by warmth, and feelings that mendalam.Sehingga we can really feel the closeness with the Father, what the Father had is ours also. Enjoy all that the Father gave. Like, thanks, peace, joy, etc.. If we lost one already happening as the eldest and sibungsu, immediately aware of and back into the child close to the Father personally and intimately.


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