Philippians 1:21 for to me, to live is Chris, and to die is gain.

Coyote is a kind of wolves that breed very rapidly in northern America. The farmers there have a different view of the animal. Some looked as vermin, as a threat to pets. Others take the animal to be useful, because it protects the plants from pests rats and other rodents,

A problem may our eyes from two different angles. Just as Paul was looking at a death. When he was in prison he will not be afraid of death. For him death is an advantage. Similarly with us, if now we are facing the same things, how the way we see our death? whether as a dark, or as a joy to welcome a new life with Jesus in eternity.

Therefore, our faith should never switch from Christ. Faith and hope are true, would make us look at a death from a different angle. Not a disaster but the darkness and sadness of joy. Beloved souls will meet Christ.


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