(Source of Wisdom Meditations)
The readings from Isaiah 50:4-11
Every morning he sharpened hearing to hear as a disciple. Isaiah 50:4 b

Parents who normally would have a desire to close with her children to be able to speak freely with their children and to listen to their children when school or when her child is experiencing problems. As parents we definitely will give advice for solving problems of our children. This can be created if there is good communication between parents and children. Similarly, the Father in heaven. Father’s desire is to always accompany us in order to guide and lead us to the road that had been prepared for our HIS. God’s desire is that he could be advisory or a pointer to their children. He wants us to learn to hear His voice, understand the contents of his heart. So how do I get to hear His voice?
1. Clean heart (Hebrews 9:14) The act of evil comes from an evil heart or dark. How can we hear God’s voice if there is sin in our hearts. When we want to hear his voice, our hearts must be clean.
2. Led by the Holy Spirit (John 16:13)
To hear His voice we must be in the leadership of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit who leads us into the truth of God’s Word.
3. Quiet (1 Petr 4: 7) We can not hear the voice of the Lord when we’re stressed or afraid, because in such circumstances is not God’s voice we hear, but the voice of Satan.

Let us learn to be more sensitive to hear his voice only to hear his voice because we can understand the will of the Father in our lives.




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