Victim Safety

” And if his oblation be a sacrifice of peace offering, if he offer it of the herd; whether it be a male or female, he shall offer it without blemish before the LORD.” (Leviticus 3:1)
read: 3:1-17, Luke 17:11-19.

Victim safety-third type of offering, in general, show the victims of thanksgiving, but can also be interpreted with victim safety. If this sense refers to the thanksgiving, then those who raise this sacrifice of thanksgiving to GOD for blessing that has been accepted, and for the blessings in the future. and we are obliged to always give thanks to the Lord both happy and difficult in peaceful joy.
You certainly know by the term “bidston” This is a worship that is always done in the homes as a way to give thanks to the Lord.
there are stories like this: Attack the doctor wrote a letter of thanks to a teacher who has been guiding and teaching 30 years ago. Soon after he received a reply letter from her teacher. “I want you to know that your letter was very mean to me. I am an old woman who is now 80 years old, lives alone in a small room, cooking his own meals, lonely, and seemed to me like the last leaf will fall in a tree . You’re definitely interested in that I have been teaching for 50 years, and your letter is the first time I have received. The letter came in the winter, the gray morning, but the quiet comfort of my heart that for years had never happened. ”
A letter that may be shipped with no hope in the back, is actually able to melt hearts that have been frozen for years. There are many students who are taught, but only doctors who would like to thank even though it was only through a sheet of paper.
The above story reminds me of the 10 people cured of leprosy in the Lord, but only one person who came to give thanks to the LORD JESUS (read Lukas17 :11-19). What about you? Is there flows every day of thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus? Actually my gratitude to be given to anyone. Allowing myself to express my thanks is good, especially to the LORD JESUS. And the LORD JESUS would also give heart to you for thanksgiving is always out of your mouth ….. AMEN.


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