SCIENCE immune

The reading from Jeremiah 5:1-6

Debus performances ever witnessed from Cirebon area? Attractions science immunity. People at o’clock with sharp objects do not feel anything, on the skewer as well with a sharp object and cut, she did not bereaksi.Bahkan he himself who did it to himself and felt menyakitai bangga.Seolah hard body made of stone. He just kept dancing to the music. It seems he does not care what touches his body. Not aware of what is happening, cool with the world that are affected by the music. The audience cheered their immune impressed. If the music stops, the dancers will be realized and immunity is lost. There is a tremendous influence in this.
When we cool with the rhythm of our lives increasingly in the world of attachment, attachment to pleasures of the flesh of sin, we fall asleep with keasikan enjoy the rhythm of the sin that increasingly bind the soul. So sensitivity reaction to the surroundings become dull. As the dancers Debus, indifferent to the situation around, close their ears to all advice and warning, even though such a stone could no longer feel when destroyed. When God began to destroy and form, is not felt. There is no repentance .. even further away from God. Many people have a sense of immune / not feel a reprimand. Wants his own life. DO NOT LET OUR HARD TO BE LIKE STONE, difficult advised, LIFE AS WE OWN THIS PROPERTY, AND ALL THAT WE DO LIKE MOST IS TRUE, WHEN utuk MENGUR God sent his servant, advising, WE DO NOT care about. WHEN GOD HANDS DOWN START FOR crush, THEREFORE WE ARE IMMUNE TO reprimand, WE ALSO STILL WILL NOT REPENT. LORD HAVE ANY RULES, HE WANTS WE LIVE IN REGULARLY IN HIS LANE. His SEGRALAH turned streets. CONSCIOUS OF SIN music MAKES OUR ADVICE AND become resistant to the reprimand. God’s punishment because we can not elakkan. We’ll deal with it.


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