Two laws in the Lord Jesus taught us are:
1. Mark 12: 30 Love the Lord your God with all thy heart and with all your soul and with all thy mind and with all your strength.
2. Mark 12: 31 Love your neighbor as yourself.
Two laws in particular can not be separated from one another. Can not someone just love the Lord, or can not only love our neighbor. Why demuikian?

Love the Lord your God with all …. “The entire mean ENTIRE, without exception, without da left. ALL, MUST complete, NET.
With all your heart. Humans consist of body, soul and spirit. Spirit that we have we must submit in full control of the Holy Spirit. Loving God with all our hearts meant by spirit. Do not let the spirit which is the spirit we have mastered other opportunities besides the HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore, with all our hearts we must love Christ, so that we can have a pure love of Christ.
With all MENTAL. Related spirit filled with the love of Christ, the soul can also be controlled.
Life is closely linked to the mind (intellect), feelings, desires. Note, if someone has rohy ang given to the power of evil, his soul does not experience peace. His soul was filled with turmoil that harm. Authorization for such crimes, hatred, revenge, etc.. Life can become sick and damaged because of all the master spirits affect the soul. The Lord Jesus wants us to love God with all our soul existence without any space left for the crime. He would like the soul is filled with truth. To love God means to give what should we give / submit to Him.

With all reason. Our minds also must we submit to fully love Christ. Do not be controlled by the power that can destroy the soul. The thought is directed wholly to love, worship Christ, it will be filled with positive things.

With all your strength. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. It is appropriate to the whole being used to love Him and glorify Him.

WE ALL AS HUMAN EXISTENCE, WE fully submit to Christ as a pleasing TRUE AND EVIDENCE THAT WE REALLY LOVE OF CHRIST. When we have loved God with all …. So automatically we will provide all aspects of our lives for HIM. We can appreciate the life that He gives, keep and care for all His creation. Give up what we have for His glory, for example: time, energy, wealth, science, etc.. BY ALL HER GLORY. And our lives are always colored by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Dialogue with him all the time, longing for love Him cause, thirst and hunger for His presence. Diamana He was, we always want to be with. It was more awesome than a sense of two lovers in love. The man who loves God with a “whole” heart, soul, mind and strength, was well aware that he is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT GOD STAY in it. So he can see and meet the Lord in a wonderful fellowship, his spirit and the Spirit of God can continue alliance.
Love your neighbor as YOURSELF. Why you should like yourself? What to do with that particular law? Whole Person Person OR SELF THAT WITH GOD IS LOVE “all” WHAT HAVE HE will produce qualified human figure. He will give you all the best for each other. Because he will see that in myself there are others who should he loved the Lord with “all”, that he had. Like they say in love, you want to eat there, you want to drink there, going to bed just always pictured your face. It said the man told his girlfriend who was loved and loved.
So everywhere that there is only her lover’s face and create joy. Similarly, if we are to love God without leaving for another. Where are we going to do to satisfy God’s heart. All the best will we give to others as we give to God and yourself.
If the second law of love is separated in man, then YOU THAT WE CAN AND WE devote not be perfect. There are people who say I’ve loved God, I was active in religious activities, but when giving something to the fellow he chose the less good, because the best he took for himself. This love is still mixed with LOVE THE WORLD. CAUSE OF GOD THAT YOU ARE PURE. HE LOVES TO GIVE WHAT WE ARE BEST OF JESUS CHRIST HE HAVE namely that redeem us from all sin. IF WE HAVE PURE LOVE, THEN ALL THE BEST WE WILL others devote to PEOPLE. BECAUSE WE WANT TO SATISFACTORY HEART GOD. THEREFORE WE LOVE GOD. ALL IN ONE UNITY can not be separated. LOVE TO BE PERFECT.

Let us appreciate both the law of love is, and ask for God’s help to absorb and apply in our lives. Peace and joy we will feel when they’ve become a unity in our lives.



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