Grain symbol of love

Two brothers working together in their family-owned farm. Which one is married and has a large family. The others are single. When it starts to dusk, the two brothers would share equally the results they get.

On one day, you who are single is thinking, “It’s not fair if we divide the average of all the results we get. I’m still single and needs only a little.” Therefore, every night he took his sack of rice from the barn and put it in the barn owned by his brother.

Meanwhile, relatives who have married man thinks in his heart, “not fair if we divide the average of all the results we get. I have a wife and children who will look after me in old age later, while my brother did not have anyone and no one was will care for him in his old age. ” Therefore, every night he took his sack of rice from the barn and put it in a shed owned by her only brother.

Over the years the two brothers would keep their secret, while the rice they never really diminished, until one night the two met, and then when they knew what had happened. They hugged each other.

Do not let the brotherhood damaged property, without confusing it pereratlah fraternity property.

How we are able to build brotherly kind of love story that marked the above? Both the brothers had to learn to understand each other’s needs. Who are single, can see more certainly needs his brother who are married rather than her own needs. Meanwhile, those who are married are able to understand his brother who was single it did not have anyone, he is more in need of wealth than he. Ability to understand it can become a reality in deeds if they no longer make wealth as the only source of life. They better come first how other people can live well in this world, with consequences, then they themselves dinomorduakan. Does this reflection relation with the readings we have just heard about?

In Reading I, Abram tithe of loot (property seizure outcome in the war) to Melchizedek as the high priest at that time. Willingness to give a tenth is not easy to make, but it’s not one-tenth of the maximum rule, but minimal. People find it difficult to present his fortune because he considered his fortune as the only reliable source of life and future life. So also narrated in the Gospel of Matthew, the apostles asked Jesus actually commanded the multitude to go to find lodging and food, but they do not have lodging conditions and without food. Weird is not it? People who have no home and no food even asked to leave. In short, “Do not disturb us, we are busy! Dizzy just thinking about their own needs really think about your needs! Ah .. EGP (Emangnye I Think)!”

What is the reaction JESUS? Jesus asked the disciples to feed them! “You give them something to eat!” Whereas the existing stock only five loaves and two fishes! “How is possible!” think his disciples? That’s where the “lack of confidence in the students on JESUS!” Who was Jesus? For a long time and hang out with Jesus, they’re also not putting full trust in Him. Because the minds of the apostles was that there was “impossibility” to provide 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. In doubt and indecision because “dead end”, Jesus invites his disciples to ask God the Father, “He took the five loaves and two fish and looking up to heaven and give thanks, then divide the bread and gave it to the disciples to be distributed to the people! ”

By inviting the students give thanks and say a blessing, Jesus wanted to change their thinking styles of narrow self-love a generous attitude. “Hunger is not just a starving man food in a sense a matter of eating rice and so on. More than that, there are many people who “have an abundance of wealth” but not able to share with other people for himself is still “hungry”, ie spiritual hunger … He still felt less loved by God and each other. How are people going to the dry love to share with others.

By saying the blessing, the disciples and the crowd was invited Jesus to realize their own self that we had taken and created by God because of love. Self-esteem and value our dignity is not determined by “all belong to” us, but rather is determined by the love of God. People who have actually received and considered himself God, he will easily moved to share with others. Confidence “beloved of God” that is constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit every time we participate in the celebration of the Eucharist.

So also the people who invited Jesus prayed, they finally realized God loved even though life without lodging. But people are traveling, it must be of the many people they bring lunch. However, anyone who is not worried and anxious when asked to share with others who more or less even though they own a little stock. Well Jesus prayer to the Father, strengthen their faith so that they are not anxious and worried about their future but still full of hope to share lunch with each other. What happens then? There are 12 baskets full of food left.

That is why, every time we celebrate the Eucharist we are invited to live according to Christ’s lifestyles are willing to share his life for others, even with the risk of death though. “This is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me!” …. “This cup is the new covenant sealed by my blood, Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me!” (1 Cor 11:25-26)

Let us ask the HOLY SPIRIT, that we are “still hungry” because they have not felt loved by God and others, we too will experience the love of God, so that finally we are also willing to share life with others.



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