Readings from Proverbs 31:1-9

GPS, most of the hp has it, even in the car mounted GPS. With GPS we can find the direction we are heading. Such a guide for us not to get lost. Age of the more modern and more sophisticated equipment to help humans. GPS used to find a place on this earth. But we realize that we also have a GPS to find their way into heaven? GPS that will show us the path to his kingdom. Yes .. very true .. Our GPS believers is the Lord Jesus .. because no one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ, and all instructions in the Word of God. Highly sophisticated GPS is already supplied the Father for His children to not get lost. Unfortunately there are many believers ignore this. Just know that GPS is JESUS CHRIST. But could not understand everything that is given in the GPS, which is the Word of God. So “GPS” it’s just as decoration and symbol of Christianity alone. With reason, complicated and can not read the word. Better, walking with a feeling aja .. Hopefully the way of true.

The road to the Kingdom of God is not the path by using feelings. WHICH WAY BUT FULL CERTAINTY. THUS, Study, ponder, DO THE WORD. NEW WE UNDERSTAND. If only in the open and seen only a glimpse, wah ..! Dangerous .. I could have misunderstood the instructions. It makes even perish. Let’s start now to maximize our understanding of the meaning of the Word of God to arrive at our final destination of the Kingdom of God.


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