Four panacea

A young child. He has tried to provide a firm foundation for his family. But he found a void in his soul base. He was hit by anxiety and lose their way of life. Every day the situation is getting worse. He decided to go to the doctor before it becomes too late.

After listening to complaints, the doctor gave four packets of drugs as he advised: “Tomorrow morning before nine o’clock in the morning you shall sticks beach alone, carrying the four pack of this medicine. Do not bring books or magazines. Also, do not bring a radio or tape. On the beach you’ll unwrap the drug in accordance with the time recorded on the package, ie, at nine, at twelve, at three and five hours. By following the recipes in it I believe your illness will be cured. ”

That person is between trust and doubt will be given to a doctor prescription. However, the next day he went to the beach. Upon arriving on the coast in the morning, while the morning sun began to emerge in the eastern horizon and the blue sea reflecting back the golden red rays, while the roar of the waves came and went, his heart filled with joy that is very deep.

Promptly at nine, he unwrapped the first drug. But he found no drugs in it, just a piece of paper with the words: “Listen.” Bizarre, the person is obedient to what is ordered. He then sat quietly listening to the wind rustling the beach and splashing waves that breaks down the beach. He even secra slowly able to listen to every beat of his own heart that blend with the natural melodic music on the beach. It has been so long since she’d never sit down and be really calm like today. He was too busy with his business. Currently, he felt as if his soul washed clean.

Twelve o’clock precisely. He unwrapped the second drug. Of course as the first package, no drugs were found except a piece of paper inscribed: “Given”. He switched from music to listen to beautiful beaches and cozy it and slowly remember every step of his own footsteps since childhood. He was given the old school times, given that both parents love always shined in their faces. He also remembers all the friends he loved and would also love him. He feels there is a piece of strength and warmth radiating from the bottom of inner life.

When he unwrapped the third time shows at three in the proper time, he found secaraik paper with the words: “Considering and assessing motivation.” He memejamkam eyes, focusing his attention to re-evaluate first intention when he built his business. It was a major inspiration he opened his business is in a persistent work to serve the needs of others. But when his business has now obtained its shape, he forgets this and just think about the benefits that would be obtained. The advantage is now the ruler himself, he has turned into a selfish man, and forget to pay attention to the fate of others. He now seemed to have been able to see the roots of the disease itself, he found the reason that always made him anxious.

When the sun had disappeared and the expanse of the sea turned red, he unwrapped the final remedy. There is written: “Write down any concerns your at the beach.” He was toward the coast, and wrote the word “anxious”. Waves come in unison and just delete what he wrote. The shoreline as if wiped out, the word “worried” that the new writing lost in the waves.


Who is the main character in the story above? Maybe I, maybe you too. Have I ever genuinely listen bathinku own language? Or have I remember all the sweet and bitter that occurred in the past but have shaped who I am today? What was the main motivation of my life today and tomorrow? And what is anxiety?

Let us meuliskan every burden and anxiety of death on the cross of Jesus, the Cross that gives strength. For he himself ever thanks to: “Come to Me, all who weary listless and heavy load, I will give relief to you.” (Matt. 11:28)

Novia C. Santonio


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