The readings from Matthew 14: 28-29

Jesus walked on water, it’s not unusual for so he is omnipotent and can do anything. But if a Peter who can walk on water, it’s just a miracle. Not like the magicians we often see on TV. miracles that God gave to Peter because he dared to act do its part in a human who was not able to do, so God took the part to do its part and Peter receive these miracles.

Some people ask me about proving that God will do its part. If at that time Peter was not begging for God to make him able to walk on water, it is not going to happen any day. So did we. When we should be responsible in this life to accomplish all that we face in this life struggle, we must not be silent. And hope that God intervened to resolve with His miracles. Not that God is not capable. But God wants there is no response from our interaction. Began to walk like Peter, as he begged and believe in God will Authorization HIS. Everything we do will be impossible we can do and accomplish. But if it begins to wobble, then it will happen that we fall. Like Peter when waver and doubt as to the power, then what is already executable to fail.

The incident of Jesus walking on water, not just convey that we should not doubt the HIS. But God teaches us to act to take part of our work we can possibly do, and the power of God will help us finish what we could not finish. BUSINESS AND SO THERE MUST BE STRONG RESPONSE FROM OUR NEED FOR ACTION AND TRYING. The rest WILL MAKE THE POWER OF GOD WE CAN get it done.

Novia .C. Santonio


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